Hot ICOs on the watch. WePower vs/and RestartEnergy

In this post, the CryptoProspect team proposes to analyse 2 ICOs (WePower RestartEnergy).

Keep in  mind that we don’t advise you to invest all your economies, nor we claim that these ICOs will make you a millionaire. This is just an analysis, from our knowledge and perspective together with what we think might happen. Please make your own additional research and due diligence.

Let’s get into the analysis. We are big believers and fans of renewable and green energy. Of any kind. This brought under our radar 2 ICOs that have a promising prospect for the future as a long term investment.


WePower is a blockchain-based green energy trading platform. It enables green energy producers to raise capital by issuing tradable energy tokens based in Gibraltar. Basically, they are tokenizing energy. They want to use smart contracts in order to buy/sell green energy, all of this in the secure environment provided by the blockchain using tokens thus providing an edge in cost over the traditional energy companies. This is the broad idea. 1 token will represent 1 kWh and holders and trade, sell, keep or pay energy utility using it. The initial token value is set to 0.28 USD.

Find out more about their token model:

  • They have a pretty comprehensive whitepaper, detailing the whole project in a very meticulous manner. I urge you to take the time and go through it. From our perspective, we can definitely say that this ICO is not a Scam.
  • The team(14 members) seems they have the necessary experience to undergo this project and well distributed over the main areas.
  • Transparency is at its high, especially in the road map that they want to follow.
  • The explanations they offer, especially through videos, really makes you understand their vision.
  • The product is indeed innovative and has the potential to explode, especially with the decentralization of the energy market.
  • They project that you will break even in 3 years and in the next 3, round about 80x growth as energy donations is expected to reach 253 million Euros.
  • Presence on social media, access to git repository, linkedin profiles of members are additional + sings in front of the project.
  • Around 16 partners back them up.

The thing that we don’t really like is that they don’t mention what their main competitors are or will be. Now, we know that as a company, you concentrate on the strong points but still, an overview, at least, about competition will have gone a little longer on the way. Especially with what we are going to see further.

Have a look, read more in deep if you are interested, on their site.

From our perspective, we can give this ICO a 7 out of 10. This is a pretty high score considering the fact that the future is highly volatile in the crypto world.

ICO starts at the beginning of February 2018.

RestartEnergy is a blockchain-based energy ecosystem for a sustainable future, based in Romania. Just like WePower , they say that they want to build a platform where users can buy/sell green energy and again 1 Token will represent 1 kWh. So basically, these 2 ICO will compete for the same market. This ICO is also not a Scam.

Here is a small description of their product:

Have a look at their extensive whitepaper , that really has a lot of details and you can get a better idea of their vision. We found it to be more comprehensive that the one of their “rivals”.

  • Experience and knowledge is definitely on the Team side of the project with 14 members and 4 advisors.
  • The transparency they have is over the top and the level of detail is amazing.
  • They really take the time to explain their product, adding a layer of visual infographics that give sense to the whole picture and how products interact.
  • Projections from their side is that by 2023, you will 57.4x your investment.
  • They are regulated by the Eu and already have a working product, having 30.000 customers that are using their services.
  • Presence on social media and other channels is spot on.
  • Road map wise, the plan is to extend in 2018 in the countries from Southern Europe and then move up the chain to the rest of Europe, US and Asia.
  • Backing by 9 Partners and 3000 companies that use their services.

For more details, be sure to check their site. The initial token value is set to 0.10 USD.

ICO starts on the 15th of January 2018.

From our view, we give this ICO a 8 out of 10. Slightly better than WePower mostly because they already have a working product, a more comprehensive plan and because of the next view that we extracted from their whitepaper, that explains their strong points versus the competitors. And this is a really nice piece of information.























So what do you think? Are these ICOs worth investing in?

We will take a small position into both, because they do have potential. One might fall, both might do it, but based on our analysis, we will take our chances. Again, we are advising all of you to proceed with caution as investment at these early stages involves a high risk.

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Enjoy Prospecting!