Meet Restart Energy in Geneva on December 18th

Restart Energy is cordially inviting you to a luncheon for our pre-TGE roadshow at Hotel Kempinski in Geneva, Switzerland. On December 18, 2017 we will explain how Restart Energy is democratizing the energy market in Europe and building our blockchain-based platform RED — Restart Energy Democracy.

We will also talk about the RED MWAT token — an ERC20 utility token that allows people to gain access to our RED platform, buy and sell energy, and even receive free energy that can be used or sold. Each token lets the holder purchase up to 1 megawatt of energy, or about 1–2 months supply for an average household.

The RED TGE is one of the few TGE’s backed by a large, established business. Restart Energy is one of the fastest-growing private energy companies in a deregulated EU environment with 27,000 households and more that 3,000 SMEs as clients.

We hope you can join us in Geneva! To learn more, please visit our