Renowned Technology Leader Michael Enescu Joins Restart Energy

Renowned Technology Leader Michael Enescu Joins Restart Energy

Restart Energy, the fastest-growing European energy provider that is building a blockchain-based energy ecosystem, welcomes a seasoned IT specialist and an energy start-up founder Michael Enescu as advisor. Mr. Enescu is a technology leader with proven track record in product and market development across several industries. His portfolio includes extensive experience in AI, streaming data, virtualization, security, open source, database, analytics, video network protocols, consumer devices, edge cloud and IoT. Restart Energy hopes that Mr. Enescu’s proven ability to apply technology, leadership and organizational skills to successful development and deployment of cutting edge products to the market will help the company create a decentralized energy platform for p2p trading that will revolutionize the energy market worldwide.

A Stanford graduate, Michael Enescu spent over 5 years at IBM developing artificial intelligence and knowledge based systems, as well as database systems, storage visualization and application servers. His later appointments include leading positions at such prominent companies as SGI, Sun Microsystems, Palm and Sysco, among others. Mr. Enescu is the founding member of the Linux Foundation and a board member of several world-famous technology companies.

“This is an honor for us to have Michael on board. His expertise in AI networks is unrivaled. Mr. Enescu’s addition to the team is especially crucial at the moment when we are getting ready to start our MWAT (MegaWatt) token campaign and democratize the energy market with our unique P2P energy trading platform,” said Restart Energy CEO Armand Doru.

Restart Energy plans to raise over $35 million during its ICO in January to support its blockchain energy trading platform Restart Energy Democracy (RED). The platform will allow to buy and sell energy by small, franchise-based renewable energy producers and individual consumers in deregulated markets. By cutting out middlemen and allowing P2P transactions, Restart Energy will help to dramatically reduce energy costs for buyers and make profit for renewable energy producers.

Each MWAT token will store real energy, up to 1 mw/h. As the company increases the energy available to markets of operation, the energy available to token holders increases as well. Within a few years, Restart Energy plans to expand to over 20 countries and allow token holders to pay energy bills or sell them for profit on the marketplace for ETH and local fiat.

About Restart Energy

RED (Restart Energy Democracy) is a blockchain powered platform backed by Restart Group, a European energy provider with $20 million in revenues. The company was built with a view to democratize the energy sector and quash the dominance of legacy monopolies in the energy world. The company’s credentials include 400% growth since 2016 and a customer base of 27,000 household and 3,000 corporate clients, expanding at more than 2,000 clients per month.

Restart Energy is developing the world’s first peer-to-peer, fully decentralized energy transfer platform based on its proprietary virtual balancing system that uses A.I, Big Data, and IoT technologies. The RED ecosystem is comprised of the RED-Platform, RED-Franchise and RED-MWAT Tokens. RED-MWAT are crypto tokens that enable virtual storage of electricity and will facilitate the development of clean affordable energy.